Extreme G-String Bikini

One of the sexiest garments to wear on the beach would be an extreme g-string bikini.  Most of the designs available for these types of bikinis are very daring and alluring.  These are worn only by the boldest of the bold, and in fact some beaches might not even allow you to wear these extremely styled swimsuits.

G-String Bikinis

The designs

The designs of this particular type of swimwear can be quite daring.  Most of them cover almost nothing at all, and come to almost exposing one’s private parts.  There are some that are less discreet and have see-through fabric so that the “covered areas” are partially exposed.

Other varieties are made simply for the bedroom and not for public display.  There are couples who would want to keep a certain part of their life more lively, and one of the options would be to wear such garments.  Most apparel that are meant for this purpose do not cover the private parts at all, and act as mere decorations on the body.

Choosing the bikini

Of course, it is important that you know your size.  When it comes to swimwear, it is important that you get your exact size.  If you wear something that is too big, then you might end up exposing parts of your body you would want to keep hidden when doing sports activities on the beach.  And if it is too small, then you simply wouldn’t be comfortable
with what you are wearing and it will simply not look good at all.

There are different designs and colors that you can choose from.  There are a lot of designs coming from already established brands, and there also are a lot of choices coming from new designers and fashion labels.

There also are different types of fabric that you can choose from.  This really depends on what you are comfortable with and what you plan to do while wearing them.  There are some beachwear that are not meant for an active day on the beach such as cotton bathing suits.  These types easily absorb water and can create a lot of drag when used for swimming.  They also tend to become see-through when they become wet.

Of course, your budget also matters when choosing your swimwear.  Say you go to the beach a lot or find a lot of occasions when you’d have to wear a skimpy piece.  It would then be a worthwhile investment to buy a pricey, quality, and pretty swimsuit.