G-String Panties

Thinking back to my first pair of G-string panties in the late 80’s I was absolutely horrified when my Dad referred to my underwear as “butt floss”. In reality though, G-strings were commonly called “butt floss” due to the fact that they were made with very little fabric, the absolute least amount of material.

A panty revolution has taken place over the last 20 years or so. Everything was so big and bunchy; The “Granny panties” were an epidemic. Lots of different styles have been introduced over the years. But a mainstay has been G-string panties. Finally underwear was becoming prettier, sexier and being viewed as a symbol for sexuality worldwide. Underwear was no longer just about hygiene.

g-string panties

The G-string is a woman’s best friend and the destroyer of all panty lines! They are comfortable and practical. There are so many different types of panties out there and they come in all types of material now. Say goodbye to plain old cotton and slip into a nice lace G-string. Your panty choice can be an extension of your personality. They can be fun, flirty or sensual. Then there are always those times when you know that you wont be the only one seeing them. These are the times where you can really become creative with your G-string styling and accompanying pieces.

The bottom line (no pun intended) is G-string panties are great for many things and for many reasons. They are great for woman who lacks a little booty in the back due to the illusion of plumpness. They are visually enhancing and able to add a little definition to a bottom that may not have much definition at all. They are comfy and fun. Not to mention you aren’t standing around digging in you’re behind picking out you underwear that started creeping 2 hours ago. You put on a G-string panty and it stays put!